Forex Trading Framework – Advanced Mass Backtesting

Here is my new video in which I am going to show you how to do mass testing.
Most of times you would enable the visualization mode when running a back test so you can watch the automated trades. That is fairly fast — like this one here will take around 2 minutes in my estimation – but in case you need to run a back test for a dozen different currency pairs on the Forex chart it can become really time consuming.
So, what can be done in order to run our back test much faster? I am going to show you in this video here. First of all please stop the running test and switch of the visualization mode by removing the tick from the checkbox here.
As you can see after I started a new test it is much quicker without the visualization mode. You might have learned this already. Here we made some profit of 152 Dollars but next I want to run a test for a dozen pairs or even more.
In order to do this let’s go to the optimization mode and here let’s select the option: “All symbols selected in Market Watch” (MarketWatch).
Okay and what is MarketWatch (market watch) you might be asking?
You can launch the Market Watch window if you click on “View /Market Watch” or if you press CTRL + M on your keyboard. Now it should be running, it contains the list of the basic currency pairs your broker provides data for and usually you can still add others by choice. I have here around a dozen of them.
Now please click on “Start” and you must see a tab called: “Agents”. My computer has an 8 core processor so I can use all 8 of them and run 8 threads in the same time, that’s really fast. As you see several processes is done already and we shall have all the rest finished just in a moment. This is it and here we have our results.
So, this was a little quick, right?
Now we can take a look at the results by right clicking in the table here, then export into XML all the data and save the file. You should be able to open it with a spreadsheet calculation tool (it might have been auto started already). I prefer LibreOffice Calc which has started up and here are the profits for all the currency pairs we were trading. If we add all up we see that we made 3989 Dollars profit.
There is another way also to run a back test on multiple currency pair simultaneously. If you right click in the “Market Watch” window then select from the menu: “forex all” or you select “Show all” and then restart the test it will say that it is now running a test for 46 different currency pairs just as it happened here when I started a new test.
In this video you just learned how to run a back test on multiple currency pairs simultaneously and in a fraction of a time.