Forex Trading Framework – How to start Automated Trading in under 5 minutes

This time we are going to trade automatically as fast as possible with an MQL5 automation system.

I just wanted to create this video anyhow, because it is needed for the website here and I thought it could be helpful to record it also for the blog.

If you have never traded MQL5 systems, a few things must be adjusted and we are doing it in this video as fast as we can.

This little stick pc I have bought uses an Win8.1 version that is outdated, but it didn’t cost very much and it comes with the necessary interfaces, like SD card, HDMI and it works on an Atom CPU and 2 GB Ram. The 32 GB built-in hard drive can run MQL5 systems that are automated.

Please open for the download of Metatrader5. It is free. The download button shows the possibility to get a demo account for free. The setup.exe file should be downloaded within a few seconds.

Please open it, verify the dialog and the license agreement, continue and watch the download that downloades some files.

When that is done, read the licence and agree to it. Click on Finish when you are ready and you should see Metatrader5 starting soon.

The demo account is already connected to Metatrader5 on the first start and wen you click on tools, options and here the news option can be disabled.

The bars on the forex chart can be reduced to 5000, on the trade tab you can change the volume to default 10 microlot.

Now select the Expert Advisors tab and allow the option for trading automation. The two marks below can be removed.

On the Events tab the events for sounds can also be disabled. The rest of the tabs (Notifications, Email, FTP, Communication and Signals) can be left with the default values.

After clicking on the OK button, please open your browser and go to Here click on the menu and select downloads, because there you can download the framework for just $1.

After opening the zip file, please copy the content within and open the data folder in Metatrader5. Here you need to click on the MQL5 folder, Experts, Advisors.

Here we will create a folder with the name ForexTradingFramework and insert the copied files.

Now go into the folder that is called Copy_into_Library and copy the library to the libraries directory that can be selected a few directories above. Paste it into that folder and restart MT5.

Now over Menu, View, Strategy Tester open the strategy tester can be opened. There is a file that is called ForexTradingFramework (with an EX5 extension) that you need to select.

In this case we trade the EURUSD for one minute charts and select the last year as trading period and the deposit is $100000. My leverage is 1:500 and Open, High, Low and Close data (that is called OHLC). Now please start your test.

If you click on the Graph tab, you should see a result and we just made a profit that is almost 186 € in our case. That took us 9 automated trades.

Select another forex pair in the settings and mark the option for the visualisation before your next test ist started. Watch the file download before your automated trading system comes up and does trading automation.

You have learned how to setup MQL5 for trading automation with Metatrader5 and you have already traded a whole year within under 5 minutes.