Forex Trading Framework – Parabolic SAR entry

This is the SAR MQL5 EA trading with the Golden Goose Framework. We use the English version here. The SAR produces points that appear either on one or the other side of the price. Whenever that changes we would have a buy or a sell signal.

You will find the parabolic SAR indicator in Metatrader5 and it is also part of MQL5. If you click on insert, indicators, trend, Parabolic SAR you will find it.
It has a step value of 0.02 and the max value is 0.2 and to find buy or sell signals we want to create an EA with MQL5. We will trade these signals using the Forex Trading Framework.

Download “Forex Trading Framework - SAR ENTRY” AdvancedSAR.txt – Downloaded 25 times – 2 KB