Forex Trading Framework – The RSI module

This time we want to look how to code an EA Entry module for the RSI signal. I am doing it for the Forex Trading Framework.

This Expert Advisor is trading very fast and I think that a lot of traders would stop trading right at the point of the biggest fear.

I think that is one of the things why so many people ( four out of five ) ruin their account.

The EA might still do its job, but probably you couldn’t stand it, could you? We are trading the RSI, you might use it for your own trading, or at least you might know that it exists.

Let’t code an Expert Advisor that can trade the Relative Strength Index in the 2017/October version of the Golden Goose Framework.

This is an entry, the Framework will take care of the position handling, once a trade has been opened…

Download “Forex Trading Framework - The RSI Module” AdvancedRSI.txt – Downloaded 39 times – 765 B